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iPhone App Review: Postman iPhone App

Postman is really a nifty iPhone app that lets you create homemade cards using photos you've taken utilizing your iPhone's camera, photos in your camera roll or preloaded templates. You can personalize this card and send it to your friends and family via email or share it via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.
Postman is one of the earliest iPhone apps which took benefit of the new feature from the iPhone OS 3.0. It features seamless integration with some other social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Postman allows you to create virtual greetings you are able to share and send for your friends and family
The app lets you create virtual handmade cards in three ways. First, you can take photos with your iPhone's camera and then personalized this with your own individual greetings. You can also apply some effects about bat roosting photos including sepia or white and black as well brighten or invert your photos. To write your personalized greetings, it is possible to choose from various font selections including font colors to match the color with the photos you took. Simple right? Wait! We've only mentioned customizing the front part in the greeting card. There are still various other things that you are able to play around with before hitting that send or share button.
The app also permits you to edit the rear portion with the virtual greeting card. You can write brief notes and messages. This back portion even has an image of a stamp, making the virtual card as close as is possible to a real postcard. Now, if you wish to resize or crop your photo to focus on the points of interest, well you're in bad luck. The app doesn't have those features yet. So, practically after you are ready to send or share your card. You can do so either by sharing it via Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, or send the card via the iPhone's email app.
In addition to using a photo you've taken with your iPhone's camera, it is possible to also use existing photos out of your iPhone's camera roll. Like the photos you've taken, it is possible to also apply the free tumblr followers bot several effects about bat roosting photo making it appear more interesting. And finally, if you do not feel like with your photos for your card, you'll be able to a template from those that were preloaded while using app. Mind you, these photos have been in high-resolution and were professionally captured by professional photographers.
While this may seem enough, somehow I wish cropping and resizing of photos can also be done. The app developer could have forgotten to feature this as one in the app's features.
If you do not mind the lack of other editing features including cropping and resizing, Postman is a good iPhone app that might be a lifesaver in times when you have a rush and in need to send a greeting or two. And, it certainly can't even cost you that much. For only $0.99, you'd get send homemade cards to anyone, when you want to. Hopefully, the developer will be kind enough to issue more new features into the app's next versions.
Screenshots of Postman by Freeverse.